when you write with your dominant hand, you are accessing the logical + linear part of your brain. this part of your mind is programmed to protect what we have in order to continue it, whether it is still serving us or not. the dominant-hand mind does this by rationalising, justifying, denying, minimising + adjusting reality so that we may believe what we need to in order to get through our day seamlessly.

our first answer, when writing with our dominant hand, tends to lean toward aspirational – how we want to see ourselves. how we hope others see us.

when we switch over to the nondominant hand, our answers become a little more interesting.

from here, we activate the right-side brain – the creative, holistic, subconscious, intuitive brain. the one side of the brain that, unfortunately, is underutilised. from societal + personal habit, we prioritise the left-side brain, because logic trumps creative, right? [ insert sarcastic tone ]

so this leaves our left-side brain with the final say in our daily decisions. it’s practical, it’s safe, it’s protecting us from our right-side, which has no concern for our ego, societal status, or opinion of others. this results in our right-side taking on the role of the subconscious – forever processing + absorbing information in the background, unheard by us + shouting out signals via things like ‘hunches’, or ‘gut feelings’

as we switch the pen to our nondominant hand, it’s as though we’ve connected our conscious to our subconscious – releasing our nonverbal intelligence onto the page.

the answer you wrote down with your nondominant hand is how you truly see yourself.

jump onto that google site you’ve heard so much about + research what this animals means for you x