whether you realise it or not, each time you come to SoBa, you’re consistently making a decision in order to prioritise yourself – deciding to focus on your overall health. while you may believe that you show up simply because you booked + SoBa is holding you accountable, it is your decision to make time in your day for you. it is your decision to have a health focused mindset. it is your decision to show up. how does it feel to commit yourself to smarter, more wholesome decision making?


we invite you to take this time to reflect on the other decisions you make throughout your day. take on a role of higher, objective discernment + analyse how the choices you make are actually affecting you.


there’s a reason why you felt off last week, or emotional the week before. there is a reason for the ruts + why you aren’t progressing through work or study as smoothly as expected.


in one way or another, we are all self-destructive at times. not in a way that is detrimental, or as though you’re throwing your life away, but just in slight, subtle, yet continuous ways. you’re presented with a situation – you know that choice ‘a’ is wholeheartedly better for you, but choice ‘b’ is easier + consistently being chosen.


take a moment to sit with it. think on it.


what areas of your life does choice ‘b’ consistently win?


these little moments that you face is your future self fighting with your present self + you letting your present self win.


your goals are not unattainable. you have all that you need to achieve them. from time to time, though, we just lack focus. we lack self-discipline + fall into the ease of temptation. this fight that we have with ourselves is uneven – it’s between your strong, determined, present self + your future self (that doesn’t even exist yet). this battle is biased until you find your routine of smart decisions.


so what can we do to help our future selves? how can we better ourselves + grow into our potential?


before you make a decision, ask yourself, “will choice ‘a’ or choice ‘b’ take me where i want to go?” while it’s important to let yourself feel your emotions, try not to let them sway your decisions. focus on your goals + your intentions + make decisions with them close to you.


self-discipline is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. work it hard + find your routine for smarter decisions.


so, how to begin? these next few weeks, create your routine. absolutely any decision – ask yourself, “is this decision for me right now, or is it to benefit my future self?” seriously – any decision, ask yourself.


see who you become.