i feel a need, or a drawing, if you will, to write about self love.

i think that perhaps there is a myth surrounding its ease, or natural flow.

self love does not come with ease. self love does not knock on your door every morning + greet you with an embrace.

self love is practice.

self love is exercise.

i am deeply + truly in love with myself, but that is not to say it’s not a struggle sometimes.

it is never unconditionally waiting for you – you have to go out + make it real for yourself.

when you’re having just the worst goddamn anxiety ridden day – when you feel like you’re worth less than you are – for you to then feel self-love on that very same day, does not come without strength + relentless practice.

every single day, you need to tell yourself that you love yourself.

every single day, you need to act on this self love.

every. single. day.

without any excuses.

love yourself, because you are more than worth it x