have you ever thought the words, if only?

if only you had more time, more money, your dream job, more vacations, the dream partner. if only.

this is what’s called, reductive thinking.

it aids in feeling stuck. it ensures we feel as though we are not enough – as though we don’t have enough to support the life we wish to lead – as though we are hard done by. this scarcity thinking is not helping you, my love + it’s just about time we started appreciating our abundance.

abundant thinking helps us see clearly all that we do have. it highlights possibilities, rather than pointing out road blocks. it pushes us to lead with resiliency + move beyond our (previously believed) limits.

so, how to think abundantly.

begin by recognising if there are recurring thoughts that begin with: “i can’t,” “you’re not,” “i don’t.”

now apporach these topics with:

o n e : gratitude.

there’s this thing called hedonic adaption which explains the human behaviour of wanting more. when you pine for more + achieve that ‘more’, your mindset swiftly returns back the same level of happiness / contentment as before + we begin pining over the next ‘more’, as though the last ‘more’ didn’t happen.

more will never fill you up.

look at what you have, where you are + how far you’ve come to be here. you will achieve more, naturally + sustainably, if you simply work passionately for yourself + your goals. focus on the moment you have + you’ll appreciate that more when it comes.

t w o : cultivate faith.

when you believe that the world is against you, it’s pretty fucking hard for the world to prove to you otherwise.

remain open – seek the tools to lead you from this reductive mindset + cultivate faith in possibility.

seek: meditation, movement, nature, self-love indulgences, conversation, books, writing, creating.

and any time you begin to lose faith in yourself + your capabilities – take fucking action please.

t h r e e : celebrate the success of others.

we can so easily see the success of others as an attack on us.

sorry to break it to you, but you simply are not the centre of another person’s life. no one is out to get you. everyone is doing their own thing + it has nothing to do with you.

applaud them.

just because they’re doing a fucking great job, doesn’t mean you aren’t as well.

take the energy you would have saved for resentment + reutilise it in fuelling your motivation. notice your reactive emotion, stop it in its tracks, say to yourself that you appauld their efforts, you admire their achievement + use that energy to make a move, start creating, start achieving what you want to achieve – but do it for you.

i’m feeling fuller already.