Combining pilates, ballet and yoga, Barre uses isometric movements with the power of music to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. It is a class geared for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or background, as long as you can hold a ballet barre, you can do Barre. That’s not to say that it’s easy, your first class will likely feel challenging at times, but we encourage you to stick with it. Isometric contractions that make up the bulk of a barre class occur when the muscle tenses without changing length and those tiny movements help you get stronger. Think of these muscle contractions as the opposite of typical strength training moves (or concentric and eccentric contractions), which occur when a muscle stretches then shortens (as in a biceps curl). Try your hardest, let loose and feel free to ask your instructor plenty of questions after class if you weren’t clear on any of the moves.
Let go of the barre and find your way to a mat. A space where all paths of yoga, pilates and stretch are welcomed, honoured and explored. We guide the classes – no two the same, where students can carve their own way. Movements are linked to breath and exercises tailored to each class. While they’re all on the mat, these three classes are separate practices.
Where the mind goes the body will follow. Get lost in a luxurious and tranquil state of relaxation and mindfulness. You will be provided with the tools for comfort and all you need to do is let go of the day. Our instructors will take the time for each individual client, tending to them with essential oils, soothing massage and hot cloths – all while you are being guided through relaxation for a full sensory experience. The practice will assist in relieving stress, improve attention, concentration, and overall psychological well-being. In order for each client to receive the most from our luxe experience, classes will be capped at eight. Let your mind wander into a SoBa state.
Our signature Barre Classic class is perfect for all – from the barre virgins, to the regulars. Classes begin at the barre and end on the mat, with exercises engaging specific muscle groups at a time. Using isometric movements combined with the power of music to increase strength, flexibility, stamina, and dynamic stability. No ballet experience is required, as these are not dance classes (but feel free to drop it low if a banger comes on).
A heart-pumping, invigorating class with a somewhat looser structure than Classic. As always, beginning at the barre to warm up, and then it’s up to the instructor to guide you through the exercises – barre, or barre-less! Don’t be daunted by this class, while it is more intense than a Classic, it is a lively session that you will let you get your sweat on and leave you feeling energised!
Our HIIT class combines elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training and Barre. The combination of interval, cardiovascular and strength training is an effective workout method for fat burning and lean muscle sculpting. Starting at the barre to warm up the legs, and then moving into the set circuit for two rounds. Challenge yourself each week with ever-changing exercises!
In 75-minutes, experience “the class” that covers it all – barre exercises focusing on isometric movements, on-the-mat core burners, stretching and extended guided relaxation. Strictly no sneaking out before or during meditation, please. Take the time for you.
A sequence of controlled exercises that engage your mind and condition the entire body. The blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress and tones muscles with the weight of your body and resistance, rather than bulking.
SoBa Fierce Flow classes are an energetic and dynamic practice, with flows that integrate a balance of strength and flexibility, ensuring the body is ready for the class’s peak pose. Yoga sequences will challenge your cardiovascular fitness as you move, sweat, stretch and breathe. No two classes are ever the same, but there is a consistent focus on core strength, alignment, posture and connection.
An amazing class for the mind and body. Comparable to a Yin Yoga class, each stretch is held for 3-5 minutes, allowing time for the muscles to cease initial resistance, lengthen and relax. The focus on deep breathing allows you be comfortable with being uncomfortable – temporarily. The release of a deeply held stretch is a sensation like no other and will help you achieve greater flexibility and strength in other classes.
For the pre and post natal mums - prepare for labour or restore that strength and regain your posture. If you decide to bring the bub, a baby carrier is optional for the class, otherwise having your bub in a pram or on a mat is okay too. NOTE: New mums must be at least 12 weeks post pregnancy. If new mums have any abdominal separation or pelvic issues, you will require a letter from your doctor, as barre may not be suitable during the healing process.
Play is an opportunity to utilise knowledge gained from your practice – playing with creative sequences, transitions, and developing awareness within postures. It is an ever-changing class structure to keep curiosity alight. These 75-minute sessions will allow you to rediscover the playful joy of movement – keeping a similar class structure for a series of weeks, as it ventures between the studios. Check the timetable for the latest class times.