ah, pulsing.

if you’ve experienced one of our barre or pilates classes, you know the term well – you may even be having some unsavoury flashbacks right about now.

we promise we have reason for those burning, teeny tiny little movements.

we making pulsing such an integral part of our movement classes to bring the intensity up to high, while keeping the impact at low. with each pulse, you’re building endurance in one particular muscle group with higher repititions, but low to nill extra weight to keep your joints safe. as you pulse, you’re twitching the muscle fibres, creating a byproduct that’s released as your body breaks down fuel to use as energy – this is what causes the infamous burn. these little movements help you stabilise your body + move with proper posture.

just to sell you on them a little more, pulsing increases your endurance + strength at a specific joint angle.  moving between the heights of a squat, lunge, or plié will ensure increased + wholesome stability in the joints (which is why this type of exercise is so helpful in injury recovery).

so, what have we learnt today, team?

when we say go lower in those pulses, we say it because we love you.