how many times do you think you’ve used the word ‘perfect’ in the past few weeks? chances are, it’s quite a lot. usually about pretty trivial things, “look at that couple, they are perfection,” or, “look at this girl’s instagram, her life is so perfect”.

we’ve made perfection the pinnacle. but there in lies the problem – we invented it.
have you ever tried reaching a deadline with your boss breathing down your neck? have you ever shopped for a gift on a very specific budget? it’s suffocating, isn’t it? it doesn’t give you room to move or operate + soon you find yourself short of breath.

well hey, that’s exactly what ‘perfection’ is doing to our lives, we just don’t consciously realise it. perfection is a man-made word that essentially puts a ceiling on what we can achieve. why on earth would we ever want to do that? we want to be great at whatever we do. we want to be great parents, we want to be great entrepenuaers, we want to be great partners. no one wakes up thinking, “i hope i have a really underwhelming day today.”  when it comes to the things we really want in life, we want to be great.

so how do we be great? we stop using the word ‘perfect’ as our pinnacle. but how do we ditch this ugly word? we fall in love with it’s often misunderstood opposite – imperfection. run whole heartedly towards imperfection. fall over a dozen times, dust those pretty knees off + get up a dozen more. loving imperfection puts the goal in the backseat + keeps the journey riding shotgun. imperfection will teach you lessons perfection never could.

now my goals might not be your goals + your goals might not be mine. your journey is
drastically different to the person next to you, it’s probably even drastically different to your best friend, but really knowing that is a ridiculous weight off your shoulders. you’ve got your own path + while you might run into others along the way, there will always be someone behind or even ahead of you. this doesn’t mean someone is winning or losing, it just means you are doing you.

how boring it would be if we walked the exact same path as each other. your way to the top is different + unequivocally yours for a reason. one thing we do share in common, though, is the imperfection of it all + that is what’s limitlessly beautiful.

own your journey, own your imperfections x