Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself, please. (two sentences and take it as you will)

I am Ryan.


Q2: What does mindfulness mean to you?

Sitting on the beach. Watching the ocean. Somebody comes and sits directly in front of you. Then you realise that it’s somebody’s father, just not yet aware. Then you just move so you can see again. Or when you have that niggle in your lower back, and you ask it why it’s still there. And it answers. And you listen.


Q3: What is your favourite class to attend?

c r e a t e  y o u r  s t a t e.


Q4: What are your three daily non-negotitables?

Alone time, quality time with others, movement.


Q5: Books? and why?

Antifragile (Nassim Taleb) – because I don’t understand half of it.

The Denile of Death (Ernest Becker) – because I’m glad somebody else is being honest about it.

What Do You Say After You Say Hello? (Eric Berne) – because I’m glad somebody else can explain why this is such a hard question to answer!


Q6: What does success look like for you?

It looks like a Buddhist Monk thriving in western society with his family and friends…wearing boardshorts.


Q7: Favourite Emoji?

I think that purple thing is an eggplant?


Q8: What inspires you?

Other people’s authenticity (if you ever get a chance to see it).


Q9: Favourite time of the day?

At the moment – between 5 and 6pm. Calm. Red wine and debrief with a loved one.


Q10: What are your fears?


Going mad (crazy)

My own power


Q11: Sitting or Standing? and why?

Damn it. Sitting, but only as a reward for not doing it for a while.


Q12: One piece of advice?

Get therapy. Or at the very least, be honest with yourself.