our SoBa creatures are on the incredible side of extraordinary.

this particular creature wrote us a love letter, in honour of this month that we are now half way through.


it reads:


“love. love is wandering one way to be drawn towards another.

love dismisses reasoning.

love is courage to step into the unknown.

love opens your eyes. your heart. your mind. to not only new experiences, but new opinions, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing.

love is finding your passion.

love is a burning fire in your belly. a desire to do more. be more.

love is finding enjoyment in each day. each session. with ups + downs. it’s the little things + the small wins.

love is humility. laughter. appreciating the journey.

love is the value of new friendships found in unexpected places.

love is dialogue. refuge. connection.

love challenges you. it presents new paths, choices, opportunities.

love is to grow your own wings.


this has been my SoBa journey so far. SoBa, this is my love letter to you.



excuse us while we sob softly + let the love sink in.