t i p s・t o・i n d u l g i n g


o n e : make it an experience.

one of the biggest regrets about giving into cravings isn’t about overdoing it, but rather, rushing it. you might eat a few little sugar-filled treats quickly + then realise you didn’t actually really enjoy, or remember doing so. the next time you indulge, eat slowly – focus on what you’re eating + why you’ve chosen to eat it. focus on the flavours, the textures, notice how you feel + who’s around you. enjoy it with them.


t w o : find your “why.”

maybe you’re celebrating the holiday season, or maybe you’re just tired + stressed. it’s okay to pick less-healthy options every so often, but as long as you’re mindful of your patterns + your why. there could be something deeper going on that needs to be addressed – maybe there are feelings that you’re ignoring + you’re being too constricted / rigid elsewhere.


t h r e e : feed your true desire.

indulging in something your body actually wants + derives satisfaction from, makes it so much easier to make healthy, zero-regret choices. sometimes, a bite of delicious dark chocolate will satisfy the craving, as opposed to an entire protein bar imitating that flavour. that being said – some days do just call for gluten-full pizza + full-fat gelato. as long as you’re mindful + aware of the decisions you’re making.


f o u r : check in post-indulgence.

take the time to do a full-body scan after consuming a treat. analyse your energy levels, how does your stomach feel, where is your mental state, how do you feel emotionally? notice how well you sleep that night. you’ll know that it was a smart choice if you’re satisfied + content. when what you had was good + just enough.