by studio director, ash daniec

t h i r t y d a y s o f m e l

words by mel, herself

g o a l s, i n t e n t i o n s, c o m m i t m e n t. p a r t t w o.

By Gabi Klein, Creative Coordinator / Pain Master

g o a l s, i n t e n t i o n s, c o m m i t m e n t. p a r t o n e.

By Studio Director, Ash Daniec

m e e t t h e s t r e t c h m a s t e r

Q&A with Ryan Barker

x ' m a s r e c i p e s

By The Wellnest

g e n e r o s i t y

By SoBa Tribe

a b u n d a n c e

By SoBa HQ

g r a t i t u d e i s g a n g s t a

By Studio Director, Ash Daniec

In the Life of Alana

For the month of September, one of our OG-original babes, Alana, has taken on a personal thirty day challenge. Delving into her day-to-day life, antics, emotions, thoughts and how her movement fits in.

Northside opening

We are ahead of schedule! Construction is well under way at our upcoming Northside studio, so much so that we are two weeks ahead of schedule. We did our little happy dance, because that gets us two weeks closer to sharing with you! Stay tuned on social media.

Q&A with Hannah Belanszky - The Wives of Wolfgang

Our barre babes are multi-talented! The beautiful Hannah Belanszky will be performing in a cabaret that she has written herself, "The Wives of Wolfgang" as part of the Wonderland Festival Program at the Powerhouse. We sat down with Hannah to hear more about her creation.

New Farm opening

All is going to plan with getting our other new studio ready as well! Are we a touch crazy opening two studios at the same time? Yeah, maybe – but it’s for you so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Stay tuned on social.

SoBa Box

We are doing a class swap once a month with our friends at Stepz Ashgrove. On the third Friday of every month, Jason will be taking a badass boxing class. Be sure to book in, limited spots available!

Introducing new teachers

We welcome, Sarah. This little dynamite is going to get to know you at the barre before burning your core on the springs. Not sure if you’ve heard, but reformers are coming your way soon.

We welcome Rowena. Exclusive for our beautiful New Farm studio, Rowena will be utilising her years of experience to get your body moving and mind clearing on the mat.

We welcome Britt. Taking over our HIIT circuit classes, Britt is our Studio Director’s no BS sister. She is known for hiking Mt Coolum over one hundred times and her love of a classic homebody weekend.

We welcome (back), Whitney. She came, she left and now she’s back again (woo!). Whitney is a lovely little treat for us, once a week taking Northside’s Sunday morning Mat and Mind classes.