b y  g a b


it would be ungenerous to be impatient with humanity. we learn with time. but before then, humans will react from fear.

fear, itself, is a reaction. courage is a decision we make when we take a step back + force ourselves to be objective – realising that what we are fearing, is exactly what we need.

why is it that we are afraid of ourselves? why do we fear our thoughts, our bodies, our capabilities, our true power. we occupy our mind, we cover our body, we talk ourselves down, we dim our light in fear that it may not be bright enough.

how fucking ridiculous.

we were born to live as humans. we were born to love as humans. after millions of years practicing, perfecting, we still can’t seem to make it move naturally through us. it has become far easier to pass on judgement + to voice criticism, especially when it comes to ourselves. we trade our authenticity for a sense of approval from a ‘society’ we have constructed in our heads. this so called society we abide by has been created by our own fearful apprehension. that ‘they’ might say this + ‘they’ might say that.

i’m promising you now, ‘they’re’ not saying a word. ‘they’ don’t exist.

the only thing that exists is your own self-doubt. and babe, you don’t need it.

loving yourself is accepting yourself on your worst day. anyone can think they’re the bee’s knees when they’re looking + feeling their best. that form self love is easy + running on a what i would liken to a honeymoon phase of relationship. it’s wonderful, it feels nice, it’s easy, but the courage comes later on. the courage makes it real.

small ways to be courageous:

– catch yourself when you’re being judgemental towards your body + literally, out loud, take it back + change your comment to something positive + loving. your body hears you.

– at the end of a shit day, show yourself some love. ignore the effort it may take, but do your little self-care thing. hot bath, facial, movement, meditation, reading, a nourishing meal – it truly doesn’t matter what it is, make the effort for yourself.

– make a conscious effort to stop the comparisons. yes, that person that just walked by may look goddamn good, but let me tell you, so do you. beauty does not diminish other beauty. success does not diminish other success. be aware of your independence.

– keep it real with yourself. if there is something about yourself that you wish to change – change it. work towards it, with the acceptance of yourself in every moment + the time it may take to achieve it.

i’ll leave you with these words now, before i mic drop:

remember who you are. independent from a number on a scale, independent from the human next to you. practice your courageous acts enough to easily love your raw self.

accept yourself as you were designed. accept yourself as human.