to connect + entrust; a display of passion + integrity.


i feel as though it’s easy to get swept away with your day. while it may not always be conscious, the thoughts for our day are usually ones of hope – hope for niceties, small pleasures, perhaps a welcomed surprise. I’m pretty certain that no one approaches their day with wishful thinking of a less than average coffee, a slightly annoying email, a dick driver on the road, an interaction filled with negative energy, or perhaps an unwelcome surprise. the tiny shit things don’t just replace the last, those little suckers sum up + if you allow them to, will drain your energy. here is when we struggle with commitment – even more specifically, commitment to ourselves.

it’s slightly easier to stay true to your word + follow through with plans, when they were made with other humans. in your eyes, they keep you accountable + in their eyes, you’re displaying integrity – despite the accumulative annoyances from your day, you’ve showed up + you toot your own horn for it. but, why is it, that when it comes to a commitment to ourselves, we suddenly don’t mind how we are seen through our own eyes? how, suddenly, integrity of your word can be so simply brushed of importance with the phrase, “couldn’t be bothered.” why did your standards drop?

may i be clear in my words, by stating that i am not simply talking about attendance at SoBa. despite what we may sometimes think, there is a big old world outside of these studios + in it, is you + your passion. i won’t waste time listing off what your passion may be- it’s yours + you know what it is. it’s what drives you, what leads your focus, it’s that little feeling that burns in your belly. without it, commitment has no chance, even on your best of days.

now back to keeping this commitment to yourself, when you have no one else to keep you accountable, when you’re doing it for no one but you, how do you stay true to your word? fair warning – i’m going to be real right now.

j u s t

f u c k i n g

d o

i t .

you know how much it means to you. why are you letting the niggly shit from the day consume you + pull you from your passion? you can make all of the excuses in the world + you can tell everyone about how awful your day was, but guess what? the thing that lights that fire in your belly is probably going to make you feel better.
all it takes is that little bit of effort to get you rolling. once you’re there, you know you’ll keep going, because you love it.

start to care about what you think of yourself – it should be the only opinion that matters to you anyway. from here, you’ll find yourself in a routine of paying attention to what you commit yourself to, being aware of its importance to you + following through.

you’re doing it for you. realise the weight of that.