i blame the moon. i blame her for my ebbs. i blame her for my cyclical messy mind. she has a hold on me in a larger way than i know. palm me off as nonsensical, i don’t mind. i’m going to be over here having a convoluted relationship with the mother moon.


i don’t care for the heightened emergency room visit debate – my connection to the moon is solely spiritual + possibly all in my head. but isn’t everything?


dun dun dun.


humans are a sensitive group of mammals. all external factors have an effect on something within us – our bodies, always trying to stay in a homeostatic state. whether it’s exposure to the sun, looking up at the sky, or swimming in the ocean – any external stimulant prompts an internal reaction – a flow of hormones + energy within the body. so how does the moon, as an external force – a circular mass of energy – have affect on us + our behaviour?


let’s move into some science time. in the world of quantum physics, it’s said that everything in our universe – stars, planets, satellites, moons – have an operating frequency. this frequency emanates from the source, + in the moon’s case, makes its way to us.


now, i can already hear the sceptical thoughts arising. let’s push them to the side right now – we don’t really need them. just read away – this can be a solely fictional blog if you need to be.


at a mechanistic level, there are multiple theories to explain how the moon may influence human behaviour. the most prominent one being, lunar’s obvious link to water – it makes waves in the oceans, wouldn’t it be making waves in us too? creating a disturbance in the bodies that are built of water. there is an error in scale with regards to tidal force + the consideration of unbounded bodies of water, but hey, let’s roll with it as a contributing factor. why not just let me feed into my own little lunar story, yeah? along with this water factor, we also have electromagnetic radiation, gravitational pull, polarisation of lunar light + effects on human endogenous steroid levels.


so, i’ll leave the possible explanation at that, moving on from the how + focusing on the what.


each full moon is a time to reset. a prompt for us to reassess what has been + refocus on what is next. if she has a hold on you, like she does me, you may have a few apologies to make for the previous few days too – the wolf inside probably unleashed.


this full moon that has just passed us, was a libra. she was about understanding that if things don’t work out as we have planned them to, then it is time to change the plan – not give up on the prospect of completing the goal. take a moment to ponder – is there something going on in your life that you feel tempted to give up on? harness the energy given to us from the full moon + think – is there another way i can approach it?


there are times, though, where a fate needs to be accepted – understanding that the universe is always at play. we have our path + we, in no way, know the timing of it. it simply comes down to judgement. you will make the decision that you need to make + you will learn + grow as you do so. don’t stand down from a challenging time or an overwhelming process, simply because it’s tricky – dive in deep. push through your thought to be limits + harness the courage you have to jump from your comfort zone – it’s becoming a bit overdone there, anyway.


free will does not mean you’re granted something. it means you can use your inner power + determination to change something in your life + in the world around you.


that is all just one full moon.




i don’t really mind if not. i’ll just be on my own path over here, making waves.