‘give without remembering. receive without forgetting.’

For many, the festive season is all about giving. But ‘giving’ doesn’t just have to mean tangible gifts. This month we spoke to some of the many wondrous creatures who fill the SoBa studios with their light on a daily basis, to find out what generosity means to you. The responses we received exude love, compassion and selflessness. Take a quiet moment to sit down, get comfy and delve into the wealth of insight delivered by our SoBa community. Trust me, it is well worth the read.


W h a t  d o e s  g e n e r o s i t y  m e a n  t o  y o u ?


Savina Gavrailova, 26 – “To me generosity means making yourself available to others. It’s an attitude of the heart – giving with no motive but to share the love, and expecting nothing in return. Sharing your time, love, support or money with others selflessly because you feel like you have an overflow of those yourself.”


Laura Yeap, 17 – “This time last year I was volunteering in the outskirts of Cambodia, hammer in hand, building a house for a homeless family. I met a worker there who explained that to be generous is to give freely without expecting anything in return. Upon reflection I came to realise that what he said rendered truth. So much so that I recognised that the joy that came with volunteering was far greater than any tangible gift I could’ve received in return. The thought resonated through me the whole year, and set a reminder of how I ought to lead my life – altruistically with no sense of self-interest. For instance, I don’t go to barre and expect my body to reward me with 6 pack abs. No, I go to barre to show my body the generosity and kindness it deserves. With that in mind, and Christmas rounding the corner, I strongly encourage everyone to take this opportunity to show generosity to your friends/family, strangers and even yourself. Because the fulfilment you reap from giving is the ultimate gift.”


Erin O’Riordan, 25 – “Generosity is the selfless act and quality of being kind. I think it’s so important to not only be generous to others, but also make time to be generous to yourself. It’s a step in the right direction towards self-love and appreciation for all you are. Acts of generosity to others and to yourself contribute to healthy and happy minds.”


Susannah King, 24 – “Generosity to me means to be kind and unselfish. It’s to give a part of yourself without hesitation or reluctance.”


Liz Bainbridge-Brown, 27 – “Generosity is about taking your time with your friends and family, work colleagues and with yourself.  It’s about taking the moment to help someone at work or a passing stranger for no other benefit than to help someone else.  I like to think that if you are generous with others, that generosity will reflect back to you.”


Lucy Clark, 22 – “Generosity is giving just because you can. It’s giving without expecting anything back.”


Jane Reed, 32 – “Generosity means to me doing unto others as they would do unto you. I give as I would expect to be given to, with all my heart and soul.”