not to get all old school on you, but the origin of emotion came from the mid sixteenth century denoting a public disturbance. did someone have an emotional outburst + then needed a word? were people looking around being like, “um, what is this behaviour? we need a name for it.” the people blended: emouvoir ‘excite’, from france, with the latin term ‘ex-‘ meaning ‘out’.

excite out = emotion. before this instance, were people only “exciting in”?

fast forward to 2018 + wow, there is an abundance of emotions flying through the air outwardly.

so, now we’ve had our thirty second history lesson, what does emotion mean to you? emotion to me is a feeling or a response. emotion arrives for me when i make meaning of a person or a situation.  heartfelt to painstaking – any emotion equally as powerful. as i sit here + write, i’m reflecting on times in my life when i’ve had an emotional response, creating way too much meaning in a certain scenario, but then i think of other times, when i’ve used an emotion to drive me, to motivate my mindset. then there is recently, when i transformed emotion back into meaning, then into anxiety, without even realising it was happening, before it felt too late.

please don’t think emotions are ruthless + you shouldn’t express them at all, that’s not what i’m saying. please understand, i want you to have emotions, but be aware of why you are feeling that way + what you are making it mean. once you observe your emotion, you can understand more about yourself + others.  you can become better at ‘being’ –  a calm like state, no action is actually required. my biggest challenge yet, is just to be. not do. be.

zero fucks given. only love, baby.

so, after a month of an emotional thrill ride, i want you to really feel what you’re feeling. then take a breath + give yourself, your true self, time to understand what emotion is coming up for you + why. simply feel it. be whatever emotion it is. once you have observed, bring yourself back to your epically calm state.

i usually say things to myself like: “what am i making this mean,”  “is this someone else’s emotion i’m taking on,” “this feeling is only temporary.”  after interviewing theo haralampou on SoBa’s new podact “juice” (theo’s role was conflict resolution for forty years with the queensland state attorney’s office). he stated that empathy + understanding emotional responses from others, as well as ourselves, can make an impact on your everyday life + relationships. one of theo’s main techniques was paraphrasing – simply repeating what the person has said right back to them. it gives you + the other person time to digest what has been communicated, before an emotional response may excitedly come out.  it also makes you truly listen, as opposed to hearing – which unfortunately doesn’t happen enough in todays society. and if you’re not already sold, the other human is left feeling heard + respected, making the whole situation just that much better.

after procrastinating one day, i came across what is below. in my amateurish opinion, i thought it was a good guide for how to understand emotional responses.

to sum up the month of emotion, i know i’m looking for a sustainable, happy state + no matter what highs + low may come my way, i try not take things personally [including rewards + recognition]. as my stoic boyfriend, marcus aurelius, states “receive without pride, let go without attachment.”

update on my current situation: i’m holding fort in SoBa hq. i’ll be in the studios for some workshops next month + working on some super cool shit for all you creatures x