a little while ago, ash + gabi asked me to write a few blog posts to reflect on my time with SoBa + honestly, it has been almost overwhelming to think about all of the ways that this business has shaped who i am in just a few months.


i am someone who has struggled persistently with a few mental health issues for most of my young adult life + i have had psychologists recommend guided meditation + mindfulness practice, previously, for managing a mood disorder + my mental health in general. something that i have learned about myself, over time, is that these issues are largely related to my own personal habits of mind – lots of self-criticism/self-doubting. mindfulness practice has played a crucial role in my ability to manage my internal monologue + my personal narrative for myself. i never quite understood the practice though – i think because i had never really experienced it properly.


the create your state classes have been a really helpful gateway into understanding what mindfulness actually is + what is required for mindfulness to permeate my thinking in everyday life. basically, what this means is that i have been able to catch myself in moments of negative self-talk + restructure those habits of mind that have been mentally exhausting me for quite some time now. this also means that i have had more energy to give to the people around me, because i have not been exhausting it all on my internal self. i like myself more when i am giving good energy to the people around me + appreciating the space that i exist in. this has all been central to a really significant shift in how i perceive myself.


so, a massive thank you to ash + the SoBa community – you continue to inspire me on the daily + you do it with such ease, it is actually incredible. ten out of ten, would recommend to a friend.

more to come x