written by gab, of ash + gab.
our month of may is coming to a close, but the constant certaintly of change will, of course, continue.
before we write some words that will hopefully resonate with most of you, we’re just going to talk about the changes we have faced this month.
at the beginning of may – the sixth – to be exact, ash gave birth to motherhood. i can’t speak for her own change – it’s not something that i can fathom. it’s not something she could fathom four weeks ago. she promises to write about it all soon for you, but for the moment, she’s being mumma to harper.
from my perspective, it hasn’t been a sense of ash changing from something, into something else – it’s as if she is more of herself. she has added to herself. she is a mother now + she is incredible.
change for me this month – also a sense of more.
more work, more responsibility, more stress, more satisfaction, more love.
my mind is buzzing with things i need to remember later + i’ve caught myself missing the moment that i’m in.
i’ll strive to become better at that this coming month. i’ll be shifting my focus on the intention of my attention. hint hint.
now, for some general musings on the topic of change.
it’s commonly said, but change is not easy. it’s too commonly said, that we begin to forget that it has meaning.
change can be so fucking hard. change can bring on anxiety, fear, discomfort, stress, saddness, worthlessness. it can make you feel these things for as long as you are determined to resist them.
next time you’re in the process of change, we suggest simply allowing yourself to feel the initial aversion. feel the shit. feel the grit. feel that pain, because that pain is growth. you’re becoming the person you need to be for what’s coming.
trust that + the aversion will quickly shift to surrender. you will become who you are meant to be.
it’s not about being ready. it’s about allowing for the beautiful unknown.
sending love.
x x