have you ever looked out the window on a grey, gloomy, drizzly day + wondered, “should i skip my barre class?”

science has the answer as to why you should ignore that invasive thought + just go. you’ll work harder, you’ll release the energy you’ve accumulated throughout the day + just a little reminder – you are inside the studio. our studios have ceilings. you will be safe + dry (from the rain, not sweat).

a study by japanese researchers, published in the international journal of sports medicine, took seven humans + put them in a room, observing climatic chambers that replicate weather conditions.

researchers had them exercise when observing cold, rain-like weather conditions versus no rain for thirty minutes, measuring breathing, skin temperature, oxygen consumption, muscle exertion + stress levels.

the humans worked harder, had a lower body temp in the grey rain conditions, while having burned off more energy + reported to have “felt cleaner.”

some suggest athletic performance might be compromised, but that downside is made up for in increased fat-burning (+ hey, we’re not assessing your athletic performance anyway).

bottom line – there are zero excuses for you to hit that cancel button. stay accountable. move your body + enjoy the sound of raindrops as you relax at the end of class.