Ash –

Are you giving, taking or losing energy?  This concept is something I have pondered with as of late. As SoBa grows I am too. I’m learning how important my energy levels are and how important the people I decide to surround myself with are, as they can really impact my mental state at that present time.

My energy is my most valuable resource.

In other words, how you feel on any given day is your greatest source of power and attraction. If you feel good, you are more connected to your power and to your ability to consciously create. If you feel down, you are less connected to your power and you are likely unconsciously creating – more of what you do not want. when we allow the negative or incongruent energies of others to affect our energy, we give away our power and we lower ourselves vibrationally to a level where we do not have the ability to consciously create. I’m not even sure if that makes sense, it might be a bit of a head f#ck.

I’m not saying don’t spread your infectious energy to others, I’m saying it’s okay to make sure you are full and flooding first. I used to be the biggest people pleaser in my early 20s; looking back it was draining. From personal experience please don’t feel guilty for pausing and making time for you or saying no. You are worthy of what you want, don’t push your visions aside for someone else. Don’t put your happiness in someone else’s hands as they will drop it, maybe not intentionally but they will drop it every single god damn time. Focus on yourself. Don’t let your world revolve around anyone else. People and time are temporary. So dive deep baby, breathe and bounce back because you are alive.


Gabi –

There is an abundance mentality and a scarcity mentality. With scarcity comes worry; comes fear. there is a fear of missing out – that the world only has finite amount of success or achievement to pass around. Those who think this, then find it difficult to share in credit or praise. When someone else has a little win, all they can do is compare it to themselves. We all know that we are our own worst critics, so you know exactly how this little tale ends, yeah? You are left drained, you are left e m p t y .

So, how do we fill ourselves up enough that we may be left overflowing at the end of the day? I am glad you asked – the answer is, with an abundance mentality. Such a mindset doesn’t come organically, or without consistent personal work. A sense of abundance, that feeling of having so much to give, stems from a deep and honest sense of self-worth. Looking at everything you have achieved; your successes, all of the mistakes, and the learning curves you climbed – you did it and you should be proud. Now look at your neighbour – look at all of theirs and believe that you can have the same outlook on their achievements.

Share in success, share the recognition, the congratulations and the genuine happiness. There is plenty out there – fill yourself up from the inside out, be giving, and release any fear of ‘running out’. There is plenty more where that came from.


Carly –

We are abundant beings and can create whatever our heart desires. To truly manifest, you must draw in your desires from a place of love, not fear!

If you are serious about achieving abundance in all areas of your life, you need to start manifesting from a place of love instead of fear. Your words and thoughts are potent. What you say to yourself will manifest in your life.

Instead of saying, ‘I must have perfect health because I am scared of getting sick again’, change it around to the present tense and started saying, ‘I am healthy, strong, energetic, vital and supplement free’ or I want more money because I must get out of debt’, start saying, ‘I have complete financial freedom and money is a source of happiness for me’.

Need a little more abundance to flow in your life? Repeat this affirmation “I now allow abundance to flow in all areas of my life”. Remind yourself that when you are in the energy of ‘fear’, ‘not enough’ or ‘scarcity’ you will get more of the same. When you are in the energy of ‘abundance’, ‘gratitude’ and ‘love’ for all everything you have in life, you will get more of the same.

Having an abundant mindset is truly possible.